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Web Hosting

If you’re looking to build a website, look no further!  SiteGround is the place to start.   I was brand new to building a website and their customer service team was magnificent in getting me on the right track.  Each time I’ve needed to contact their customer service because I’ve made a boo boo, there has been no wait time in the chat and they are able to help me quickly with no problems.

SiteGround is very fast and secure.  I have had no security issues.  And there has been no down times.  SiteGround is an awesome group!  Click on the banner above and go with SiteGround!  There are several options for you to choose from.  I’m sure there is one just right for you!


Our goal at The Shortest Root is to share our knowledge and information on a variety of subjects through individual pages and blogs.  We are just starting out but feel free to browse our pages and blog selections.  I welcome any friendly comments and suggestions as I’m adding to and building my site.  I appreciate you sharing with friends any content you enjoy!  And please, visit us again and thank you for your support!


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