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Herbal Incense:
Spiritual & Therapeutic

Becoming a Certified Aromatherapist has opened so many more opportunities.  Digging deeper into the plants with essential oils led me to Artisan Incense Crafting.  Therefore, has taken my Aromatherapy to a new level.  Likewise, I want to share with you what I’m learning.  It is such an exciting and rewarding journey.

The first blend that I made was a loose incense blend.  I named this blend, Spiritual Purification due to the spiritual meaning of the plants and resins included in the blend.

Additionally, I craft incense sticks.  Those are a little more tedious.  They are also a little fun to make as well.  It takes some practice.  At first, I came out with some pretty crooked shapes!

They’re not the prettiest yet, but getting there!  They sure do smell amazing though!  I am really excited to start sharing all of these amazing things with you!  I hope you will follow along!

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