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Welcome to My Herbalism Space

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On this page, I'd like to share my knowledge of Herbalism.  I will share my herbalism projects, my growing herb garden, and recipes that I am in the process of creating for natural health and wellness.  I am working on these products for my own product line.  I look forward to having you follow along with me on this exciting journey. The image to the left is Calendula Infused Oil.

Boost Your Immune System

Black Elderberries

With Fall and Winter around the corner, you want to start thinking about boosting your immune system.  If you’re like me, you’ll want to do that the natural way.

Elderberries are the herb of choice for building up your immune system.

Click on the picture of the elderberries to read more about elderberries and your immune system in my recent blog post.

Growing my own herbs in my own herb garden and infusing my own herbal oils is so rewarding when making recipes.  Just that feeling knowing where those herbs came from and knowing they are completely natural is so rewarding. Pictured to the right, a thriving Lemon Balm.

As you can see, I have busy in the kitchen this week! Specifically, I was Whipping up some Whipped Body Butter using infused oils I had prepared.  I infused some dried Calendula flowers, Lavender flowers, and Elder Flowers in a mix of Coconut, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, and Castor Oils.  Wow, it smelled so amazing.  I just melted some Shea and mixed in some of my infused oil and whipped it up!  Super amazing.  Very nourishing and healing if you have some sore muscles or some cuts or scrapes.

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